I love riding my electric-assist bike

I'd love to ride it year-round, but I live on the Great Plains where it gets cold and snowy and worse, icy. What if I could find a way to keep riding, but not on the road and sidewalk, but across snow-covered fields. Yes, technically I could do that with a fat tire bike, but I am thinking it would be more enjoyable if there was a ski on front to offer more stability and less resistance.

I have an e-bike that is nearly twenty years old that I seldom ride because the original NiMH battery has weakened too much over the years and it only stored 8Ah. Today's newer lithium batteries are usually double that or more. So, what if I replaced the heavy hub-mounted NiMH with a newer 15-20Ah battery and equipped with the front fork with a ski instead of a tire? That's the gist of the SnowByke project that I want to document here.

On the left is a short video, one of several I have come across to served as my inspiration, as are the photos I came across the posted below. Also helping catalyze the project was a recent snow around Christmas 2020 - that dreadful year of COVID-19. I looked at all that lovely powder and thought "Why not?" And finally, there's the ever present hope for Quikbyke, our 2016 startup that got off to such a promising start and then bogged down for a host of unexpected reasons. One of the shortcomings of the idea was its seasonality: it is primarily a warm weather activity. What if we could extend it into the winter by converting the bike to SnowBykes?


These aren't my SnowByke, but they show the potential of the concept

The mist over the mountains
Coffee beans
Bear closeup
Quiet ocean
The mist
My beloved typewriter
Empty ghost train



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